Milwaukee Miter Saws

Milwaukee® miter saws are one line in a complete selection of Milwaukee electric saws that set industry standards for cutting speed, precision and durability. The miter saws let professionals put the finishing touches on new construction and renovation by making bevel and compound-bevel cuts on base and crown molding, cabinetry, stairs, handrails and window and door casings.
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Milwaukee miter saws are dual-bevel saws with compound cutting action, gliding on linear-bearing steel rails for left and right miter cuts from 0 to 48 degrees. You can easily set up double-ended beveling at one of nine positive positions with an oversize single-lever adjustment. Milwaukee sliding compound miter saws have industry-leading power, with 15-Amp motors putting out a max of 3.3 hp. The motors are soft-starting and equipped with Constant Power Technology™ so they power up smoothly and keep running consistently under load. Milwaukee power miter saws also offer industry-leading precision, with digital readouts for miter angles that can be fine-adjusted down to 0.1 degree of accuracy with a dial-in override of standard detente settings.

As with other saws in the company's cutting-tool lines, including Milwaukee jig saws, Milwaukee miter saws come with integrated LED lighting that illuminates cut lines clearly, adding to the precision of your marked bevel cuts. The miter saws also come with dust channels that whisk debris away from the cutting surface to prevent any buildup in the channels of the slide rails.

Milwaukee sliding compound miter saws offer plenty of power to make bevel cuts quickly and cleanly, as well as dual-bevel technology. The saws also offer a level of precision for fashioning clean compound miter joints even on surfaces not true to square. Check out all of the company's power cutting tools, including Milwaukee circular saws, jig saws, band-saws and reciprocating saws, to make sure you have the entire line in your tool arsenal.
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