Milwaukee M18 Cordless Vacuums

Milwaukee® is a manufacturer of industrial tools and appliances for tradesmen to use at the job site. Milwaukee's line of M18™ tools include a wide range of cordless power tools, combo kits and cordless appliances which use their 18V REDLITHIUM™ batteries. Milwaukee has a talent for cordless appliances, including Milwaukee M18 cordless vacuums, radios, fans and work lights.
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Cordless vacuums are highly convenient for the job site because they offer the benefits of portability while still offering good power and run time. Milwaukee M18 battery-operated vacuums output three amps with a suction power of 45 cubic feet per minute. The small, handheld units are both lightweight and heavy duty. Milwaukee M18 cordless handheld vacuums are suitable for both wet and dry purposes, capable of sucking up dust, debris, water and oil.

Milwaukee vacuum filters are highly efficient particulate air (HEPA) filters that capture 99.97% of silica dust, which meets OSHA requirements of capturing 99%. These HEPA filters will save tradesmen from breathing in hazardous materials that could eventually lead to Silicosis (Stone Mason's Disease). If tradesmen are involved in grinding, drilling or demolishing silica-containing material such as stone, concrete and ceramics, they need to use OSHA-complaint vacuums. The filters can handle both dry and wet use and are OSHA compliant.

Milwaukee M18 cordless vacuums come with a versatile hose that can accommodate a wide or skinny nose nozzle. Wide-nose nozzles are good for efficient clean up around the job site, while skinny-nose nozzles can clean in tight crevices. These versatile Milwaukee M18 cordless vacuums can also be switched to blower mode for more clean-up capabilities. Tradesmen may also find use for Milwaukee's other cordless appliances, such as cordless fans and radios. Milwaukee also specializes in cordless work lights and accessories, which include small handheld lights, flood lights, lanterns, standing floor lights and LED fixtures.
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