M18 Cordless Planers

Milwaukee® M18™ cordless planers help you convert uneven, irregular pieces of wood into flat and level pieces that match the thickness you need for your current project. These machines are part of a broad family of cordless M18 tools that use REDLITHIUM™ batteries for long-lasting power. With a number of features, the planers produce high top speeds for improved productivity and professional-looking results.
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Most Milwaukee M18 battery-powered planers feature depth adjustment knobs that let you easily select how thick you need your board. After adjusting the depth, simply feed the machine over the board for a flat result that is evenly thick. Many Milwaukee M18 cordless planers also have reversible carbide blades that help produce a touchably-smooth finish and a spring-loaded kickstand that help prevent the blade from damaging your finished surface.

In addition to those features, some of these Milwaukee M18 tools have bevel or edge guides that let you make bevel, straight or rabbet cuts. These different cuts are beneficial when making certain types of joints. To keep shavings away from finished surfaces and your face, Milwaukee cordless wood planers also have adjustable chip ejection switches that let you exhaust chips either to the left or the right.

Like Milwaukee M18 cordless impact wrenches, grinders and polishers, most Milwaukee M18 cordless wood planers use RedLithium batteries for power. These Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries may come with the tool purchase or may be sold separately. The batteries help improve productivity and efficiency by working harder and lasting longer than most other Li-Ion options on the market. Electronics within the batteries help control discharge and charge, optimizing power and performance.

Get the speed, power and professional results you need with a Milwaukee M18 battery-powered planer. Add this tool, as well as other options like Milwaukee M18 cordless grinders, polishers and wrenches, to your workshop or job site.
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