Milwaukee M18 Cordless Jobsite Fans

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MILWAUKEE® M18 cordless jobsite fans are among almost 100 Milwaukee M18 tools and accessories that are powered by the company's 18V lithium-ion battery technology. The fans provide versatile functionality in indoor shops and jobsites, including cooling, drying and venting. The M18 battery system fully supports the powerful air circulation of Milwaukee M18 portable jobsite fans with extended run-time capability.
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These jobsite fans are essential in the shop or on site, just like many other Milwaukee M18 cordless work lights and accessories. They are compact but give off powerful airflow, up to 284 CFM -- or about 18 mph -- for some models, with a max rpm of 2,450, the highest of three speeds. This reliable M18 battery-powered velocity is enough to circulate air up to 40 feet. Thus, Milwaukee M18 portable jobsite fans can dry a large dry-walled or painted area or be used up close to dry wet pipes or surfaces, in addition to their cooling and venting functionality. Many of the fans also pivot 120 degrees with nine stopping positions so you can direct airflow precisely where it needs to go.

As with all Milwaukee M18 tools, the fans are powered by Milwaukee M18 cordless batteries and chargers, consisting of industry-leading breakthroughs in battery intelligence and cell technology. Milwaukee's proprietary REDLITHIUM™ batteries maintain their power and performance at each speed setting. Innovative cell chemistry and pack construction prolong the life of the tool and the M18 Redlithium battery itself with temperature- and impedance-balancing technology, enhancing energy efficiency and charge times with the system's M18 Rapid Charger.

Milwaukee M18 portable jobsite fans are not just an accessory for work. They are an indispensable piece of equipment that belong in a professional's collection of tools. A closer look at their power and versatility, along with the advanced technology of their M18 battery-power source system, will show you how all other Milwaukee M18 tools can be as indispensable to your work equipment as well.
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