Milwaukee M12 Cordless Circular Saws

Milwaukee® M12™ cordless circular saws help you cut wood quickly and with precision. These M12 tools are portable so you can use them on job sites that don't have an electrical utility connection. Milwaukee M12 compact circular saws are easy enough for amateur craftsmen to use but deliver the performance that professionals need.
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POWERSTATE™ motors have a brushless design for superior power transmission and few moving parts so they require less regular maintenance. Milwaukee M12 circular saws are suitable for cutting wood, plastic and other softer materials so you can use them for framing and even some plumbing jobs, such as setting a length of ABS pipes. Their LED lights provide illumination for working in darker spaces and for seeing your cut line. Aluminum blade guards keep the saws flush against the wood for consistent cut depth.

Milwaukee M12 compact circular saws are part of the M12 line, which includes a range of products, from worklights to jig saws and more, all of which run on the same batteries so you can swap them out for easy transition from one phase of your project to the next. REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence allows the devices to consume power efficiently for longer run times and to prevent overloads. Milwaukee M12 cordless circular saws come in kits that include chargers and one or more batteries so you can use them right out of the box or standalone in case you already own M12 batteries. The batteries also have FUEL™ gauges to show you how much power you have remaining on your charge.

Milwaukee M12 compact circular saws are protected by limited manufacturer warranties to protect your investment. They're easy to use and powerful enough to get the job done. Browse our selection of Milwaukee M12 cordless circular saws and combo tool kits to get the one that you need today.
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