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Milwaukee® Levels by design have the toughest jobs in mind. Aluminum construction makes Milwaukee levels sturdy and lightweight for easy handling and hauling. Multifaceted to serve as more than just a level, these are the best torpedo levels to have on the job whether you are a plumber, an electrician or a homeowner taking care of business.
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Save time laying pipe with the reaming style torpedo level that combines three tools in to one. Use the 1/4-inch and 1/8-inch markers on the sides of the level to assist in laying pipe for water drainage. When you need to remove soil to get the required slope, the angled edge serves as a shovel to help you finish the job without stopping to grab another tool. The reaming edges allow you to ream PVC pipe up to 6 inches in diameter. Use your level to shovel dirt and widen pipe with confidence and without worrying about losing any accuracy in reading the vials.

Milwaukee tools designed the torpedo level for electricians with the same versatility and convenience in mind as the plumber's level. By combining multiple tools into one level, Milwaukee helps you finish electrical jobs with speed and accuracy down to the smallest details. Align switches and outlets with the two holes in the center of the level to deliver professional quality installations and eliminate annoying crooked cover plates. The four vials give precise measurements and the four rare-earth magnets offer a strong hold to assist in bending conduit to the right angle on the first try.

Accurate and lightweight, Milwaukee aluminum levels, tested by a special optic meter, have a best-in-class rating. Make your next job easier for you or your crew with one or both of these versatile torpedo levels. If you're a plumber, electrician or do-it-yourselfer, you'll find them as valuable as your other favorite Milwaukee hand tools. You can find the same multifunctional design of these levels in other Milwaukee hand tool sets.
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