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Milwaukee ® Job site Radios deliver great sound in a durable package to keep your job site moving. A day at work can stretch for a long time but, with a radio playing in the background, worker morale improves and the project proceeds more smoothly. There are many options available to select the best job site radio for your project.
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Conditions in a work site are not very easy on equipment, so make sure to select a durable radio. A contractor radio from Milwaukee features tough ABS and metal shielding. Designed to keep working even after a minor drop or a fall, our cordless radios are tough. They also feature weather resistance to protect the radio in the rain; work doesn't stop when the weather gets nasty and neither do these radios.

Size and weight are a factor to consider. If you need maximum portability, our Milwaukee job site radios come as small as 3.5 pounds for easy transport up a ladder. Each Milwaukee tools radio features MP3 player connectivity so you can choose which music you want to hear at any time. If it's not an option to take a radio up the ladder or to a busy or unsafe location, consider a job site Bluetooth radio. Bluetooth radios stream music to wireless headphones up to 100 feet away. A good way to have your tunes and respect worker safety at the same time.

Added features to consider are the method of power. Our smallest jobsite radios run on M12™ batteries, while the larger cordless models accept any Milwaukee tool battery for maximum versatility. Charger/radio combos are both functional and entertaining Milwaukee power tool accessories.

All Milwaukee cordless tools include a 5-year warranty. Made from high-quality material, each one of these jobsite radios will keep your workforce going for years to come. Grab a Milwaukee job site radio and enjoy the hours you spend working.
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