Milwaukee Heated Apparel

Many professionals recognize the Milwaukee® brand for their heavy-duty tools, but their work clothes also merit recommendation. Milwaukee attire remains a durable choice for work sites, both indoor and outside. With a robust selection of designs, craftsmen enjoy all the benefits of specialized gear as they protect themselves from the elements.
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Milwaukee jackets remain a popular choice for everyday wear. For those who rely on Milwaukee tools for professional carpentry, electrical and plumbing, the jackets provide an added level of protection, and a wide selection to choose. Milwaukee coats offer a variety of designs to match the wearer's individual style, and many come with features made just for the work environment.

Regardless of trade, busy workers need to stay warm if they want to remain productive. Choose from Milwaukee heated jackets for core protection, and expect to work efficiently without worrying about the weather. High visibility jackets come with the added benefit of reflecting light for roadside work and ensure better visibility when working at night, while heated jackets provide ongoing heat for those who work in cold environments.

All Milwaukee apparel offers protection from the elements, and the choices extend further than coats. Hands require protection as well. When you need to weather the elements outdoors during cold weather, Milwaukee hand warmers offer the heat needed for dexterous work. With these, workers protect their hands from numbing effects; allowing them to cut wires, inspect for damage and complete repairs.

Find Milwaukee attire for your work site. Whether you need to plan for a busy winter season or better visibility at night, there are options for every situation. Consider jackets first, and move to gloves and accessories next. With the right preparation, every worker should feel comfortable on the job site, regardless of the weather.
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