Milwaukee Cordless Tools

On and off-site professionals rely on Milwaukee® cordless tools every day, in most every trade. From impact wrenches and grease guns to lasers and lighting, this collection contains all the power tradesmen need to cut, drive, drill and measure without anchoring the project to a wall outlet. Choose from the selection of Milwaukee cordless tools by trade or by function and find, exactly which model is best for the job.
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When you already know which equipment, you need, do a search by function. Milwaukee cordless grinders help sand, grind and cut through a range of materials. These commonly appear in automotive body shops and at construction sites. Milwaukee cordless drills service professional wood shops and home repair. Many tradesmen prefer these to their corded counterparts, as they allow a free range of motion and location without sacrificing power or durability.

Many Milwaukee cordless polishers have dual functions and help keep automotive projects looking sharp. Choose based on the buffing speed and whether you're adding other functions, like sanding, to your regular routine. Milwaukee cordless screwdrivers belong in every workbench at home or on the job site. They maintain tight fixtures, and allow workers access to tight spaces. Milwaukee cordless impact drivers best serve those working with metal or stone. Milwaukee cordless saws serve those who work with a variety of materials, including metal and wood.

Plumbers and electricians have the best results and find everything they need in one place when they search for tools by trade. Cordless options offer a wide area of movement and the power they need, no matter where they work. Those seeking to upgrade multiple tools should review the Milwaukee cordless combo kits designed to include all the tools of the trade, regardless of the size of the space. Shop for your tools by trade or by function, or look for a kit that contains everything needed for the next project.
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