Metabo Grinders

Metabo® grinders offer the power, speed and size you need for your projects, whether you want to slice through thick beams of wood for a deck or polish a welding job for a shiny gleam. You have a lot of choice in angle grinder sizes, and the die grinders available are lightweight and easy to handle.
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When you want to remove rust or polish stainless steel to a shine, you need both an angle grinder and a die grinder. Metabo angle grinders come in a range of sizes, from 4 1/2-inch diameter wheels to 9-inch wheels. The bigger your project is, the larger the wheel you need. Smaller angle grinders are great for high-precision polishing and grinding and for quick jobs.

You can find Metabo die grinders in various power levels, but they're all slim in design, which makes them easy to handle. A die grinder is best for smoothing out edges and reaching the places an angle grinder can't go, such as inside pipes. Metabo grinders are ideal for professional jobs, but are also suitable for DIY woodworking and home repair projects.

What Metabo power tools like angle and die grinders have in common is patented features to increase their efficiency and efficacy. Vario-constamatic (VC) full-wave electronics allow you to adjust the speed of your tool for accuracy, and the speed is nearly constant even when the tool is under load. Metabo VibraTech (MVT) ensures that your hands aren't bothered by constant vibration, which means you can use these power tools continuously without fatigue.

Metabo grinders combine just the right amount of power and performance in a variety of sizes, which makes them invaluable power tools for your job site or garage. You can find Metabo angle grinders or die grinders that will fit your toolbox, regardless of whether you're a professional or a DIYer.
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