Measuring Tools give you accurate data for various parts of your job. They let you work with all the information that you need to complete your project with precision.
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Edge finders let you position a mill precisely at the edge of your work piece. This is incredibly useful when you need to restart work on a previously-milled piece, or to calibrate it to zero when you're using CNC manufacturing software. Dial indicators show positional angles to let you know exactly how your machine is running. Use them to set work arms to specific angles or to calibrate the alignment of mechanical pieces like shafts, compressors, pumps and more.

Micrometers use finely-made gears and milled rods to measure distances in the are of hundred-thousandths of an inch. Use them to determine the exact width of your smallest pieces. Telescoping rods measure the interior width of small holes. The rods extend into bore holes to determine the maximum width. Once you find it, it's a simple matter to measure the rod's width to determine the size of your hole.

Thread gages determine the pitch of your fasteners. They save you a lot of time when you need to know the exact pitch for replacement screws and bolts, or when you organize your fastener collection. Just having all of your fasteners in the correct box can shave off minutes or even hours from long projects. Make sure that you get a metric set and a standard set.

Measuring tools speed up your work because with reliable data you only need to do the job once. They're portable, durable and incredibly easy to use. Add a full complement of measurement tools to you collection and make sure that you always have the knowledge you need to finish your tasks.
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