Most axes and hatchets do a great job cutting wood, but when it comes to heavy duty splitting, a maul is one of the best tools for the job. We have an excellent selection of splitting mauls for sale, along with a wide range of other sturdy and useful landscaping tools.
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While other cutting tools use their sharpness to cut, wood splitting mauls use their weight and wedge shape to break logs apart. Because these have no edges that require sharpening, they're easier to maintain. Mauls work well on hardwoods. The thick, wedge-shaped head doesn't chip against the surface, and they require less arm strength to get a clean cut.

Wood splitting mauls work best when used along the grain to cut a log. A good whack in the center can split a small log in two, and a maul can split large diameter wood as well. If the log or stump is unusually thick, a few off-center blows will break it up without getting the maul stuck. Alternately, turn the maul over and use the other side as a sledgehammer to drive a splitting wedge through the wood, until it splits. The blunt side can also be used to drive in stakes, making it a very useful landscaping tool.

Picks and mattocks will let you break up soil like mauls split wood. They are versatile tools, allowing you to grab roots, hoe the soil, and dig holes and furrows for planting. Like our mauls, our mattocks have vibration-damping handles to minimize strain, and forged heads for extra durability. Bring a soil probe along so you can test for rocky ground any time you need to know.

When you find you have a large wood chopping task ahead of you, take a look at our splitting maul selection. Then head out and chop those big logs and stumps into manageable pieces.
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