Makita Saws

Whether it's in a workshop or on a jobsite, our selection of Makita® saws give you the options you need for any work where you need a cutting tool. Featuring the highest quality materials in their construction all Makita tools are backed by over 100 years of power tool experience. This makes Makita saws fantastic choices for performance.
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Our line of Makita circular saws offer you the tools you need to finish a job on any surface. These saws feature portable designs and lightweight motor housings to allow you to move around your worksite without hassle, and facilitate clean, straight cuts on any surface with wraparound bases and high cutting capacities. Our selection of Makita portable band saws offers the same power for smaller, tougher materials, like pipe and tubing. Makita jig saws provide you with the ideal portable cutting solution for smaller cuts in a broad range of materials. The serrated blades on these jig saws make them ideal for precise cuts, and Makita's anti-vibration technology helps reduce the tool's noise level and improve operator comfort. For small, deep cuts through large amounts of material, all Makita reciprocating saws are built to be able to handle harsh cutting for construction and demolition.

Makita saws are built to last and are covered by a 30-day replacement or return policy via the manufacturer. These saws also carry Makita's 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects and material errors. This ensures your saw will always be in pristine condition and ready to use when you receive it.

No matter the job, if there's a material that needs cut, our line of Makita saws will supply you with a tool to break through any work. Whether it's a circular, reciprocating, band, or jig saw, Makita will give you the power to help cut through any workload.
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