Makita Power Tools Reciprocating Saws

When you need to cut through drywall, metal, wood or a number of other materials on a construction site or for a personal project, Makita reciprocating saws give you the power and endurance you need to slice through any obstacle. With sturdy designs built to last, Makita power tools feature rugged construction from the finest materials, making them indispensable on any jobsite.
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Built to dig through tough materials, Makita power reciprocating saws provide you with an option for every jobsite. These saws feature lightweight housings and heavy-duty motors, making your cuts as quick and efficient as possible. With one of these in your hands, you'll be able to take on almost any demolition task that comes your way. It practically tears through wood, metal and masonry.

However, if you need something to cut through harder materials that you might uncover, consider a Makita portable band saw. These saws outlast pipes and metal, and when used in conjunction with a power reciprocating saw can help you cut through nearly any project. These saws are also excellent companions to Makita jig saws, which can handle precision cutting and more extreme angles. Reciprocating saws are often used in existing structures, and as such, are often used alongside a circular saw to help you cut through the bulk sawing needs of a jobsite.

Makita saws carry a 1-year manufacturer's warranty and 1-month return and replacement guarantee, ensuring you'll always be able to use the tool you receive. Whether you're cutting through a wall, detailing a woodworking project or building a patio, our line of Makita saws will give you the tools you need to finish any job. and with the power and construction to withstand any conditions, your Makita power reciprocating saw will be sure to last for many years.
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