Makita Power Tool Accessories

When you need a high-quality battery, blade or other parts to keep your tool running through the toughest work, Makita® power tool accessories provide you with the tools you need to conquer any job.
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Whatever your job, Makita cordless tools need a battery to function. Whether you want to replace an older battery or need a spare on hand for long jobs, Makita batteries provide you with a power source to keep any tool running. These batteries make use of Makita battery chargers to keep your tool working, and feature longer run times per charge, as well as full charge times of as little as 25 minutes.

If you find that your work has worn down your old saw blade, our selection of Makita blades can provide you with a replacement. Featuring industry-leading designs for endurance and durability, we can provide you with a blade for any saw or cut, making use of high-quality steel construction to ensure that it won't immediately wear out. We also stock a variety of tool accessories for drills, including Makita chucks and keys for customizing your drill while on the job. Intelligent designs allow you to work on any project without stopping, and allow you to quickly customize or swap parts. If you're looking for even more drill customization options, Makita depth stops ensure that your Makita drill bit is always the appropriate size for any job, regardless of the bit length.

Makita power tool accessories make use of the highest quality materials, ensuring that you'll be able to use them on your tools for years to come. They may also be cross-compatible with other tools. No matter what your work might be, Makita power tool accessories ensure that your tool will always be able to complete it.
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