Makita Outdoor Power Equipment

If you need to do heavy-duty yard work, Makita® outdoor power equipment helps you get tasks done quickly. If you're a lawn maintenance professional, these tools are necessary to keep driveways clear and trim hedges efficiently. Homeowners can also use these and other Makita tools to keep greenery healthy and well maintained.
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In order to trim large trees, check out our selection of Makita chainsaws . To reduce emissions and fuel costs, look into saws powered by Lithium-ion batteries. These tools often require less maintenance, such as oil and spark plug changes and muffler and air filter replacements. Battery-powered cordless chainsaws have an instant electronic start, electric brake for safety and powerful motors for fast and powerful rips. If you prefer a traditional model, look for larger fuel tanks for longer operations.

Keep your driveway and outdoor walkways clear with a Makita blower. Many Makita blowers use powerful Lithium-ion batteries to produce plenty of air power without emissions or excess noise. Some use two batteries giving you the power and run time equivalent of a corded model. Variable speed settings allow you to adjust the power for the task at hand.

To keep shrubs and tall grasses under control, Makita trimmers offer versatile tools to maintain all types of greenery. Handheld shears make small jobs go fast. Larger cordless hedge trimmers have powerful blades to trim dense bushes and cut back stubborn weeds and vines to help with lawn maintenance. String trimmers help clip grass along sidewalks, walkways, fences and patios. Most of these cordless tools run on Makita's advanced battery technology, charge up quickly, have long run times and reduce both noise and emissions.

Makita outdoor power equipment helps you keep all types of green space and walkways maintained. Whether you're maintaining your own lawn or are a landscaper or maintenance professional, these tools get the job done fast.
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