Makita Job Site Radios

Makita® job site radios provide you with the sound quality and durability that you need for listening to music while you work. Featuring larger speakers and compatibility with many phones and MP3 players, these Makita power tool accessories provide you and your coworkers with the music that you want to hear.
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Built to be compact and durable, each of these radios will run for hours on a single battery charge. All Makita cordless job site radios use the same high-quality Lithium-ion batteries that power all Makita tools. Water-resistant designs allow you to bring your radio into stormy or wet job sites. Larger speakers are precision-engineered to give your Makita lithium-ion job site radio the incredible sound quality that you would normally only find in a personal stereo system. These radios also feature FM/AM radio antennas for crystal clear reception, and ports for connecting and charging phones, iPods® and other MP3 players for when you want to listen to your own music.

Accessories such as radios, batteries and battery chargers ensure that your work environment is as comfortable as possible. With noise-reduction technology, these radios can be excellent companions for louder power tools such as Makita saws.

Whatever the job, Makita makes the best job site radios for making work easier. With durable construction and compatibility with most MP3 players and phones, these radios are suitable for any job. Our selection of Makita job site radios provides you with the sound quality you need for getting through your workday.
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