Makita Cordless Saws

To make a precise cut on any job, our line of Makita® cordless saws provide you with the power and tools you need to finish a cut to your exact specifications. Backed by a company with over 100 years of experience in making power tools, Makita's nationwide network of service centers ensure that you can have your tool repaired and returned as soon as it wears out. Makita cordless saws are constructed with the finest quality parts available and are built to last you for years to come. ...Read More...

Whatever your jobsite requires, Makita saws provide you with the tool you need to finish your work. Our selection of Makita circular saws are excellent for working on higher platforms and difficult-to-reach locations. This type of saw makes use of reinforced bases and comfort grips for long jobs. If you need more durability than Makita circular saws provide, Makita cordless miter saws give you the longevity for finishing bulk cutting faster and more precisely. These cordless miters make use of motor-saving technologies like STAR protection, which stops your saw overloading or overheating.

For a more precise cut, Makita jig saws give you the precision you need for making exact corner-cuts and detailed finishing touches on any board. If you need a heavy-duty cut through harder materials like metal or pipe, Makita portable band saws give you the power to cut through any material you might uncover. and if you need the thin, deep cuts of a jig saw for bulkier work, Makita reciprocating saws provide you with the power to bring down any material.

No matter the work, Makita makes a saw for the job. Our wide selection of Makita cordless saws will give you the options you need to make any cut.
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