Makita Cordless Rotary Tools

Looking for a rotary drill that can do the job faster and more efficiently, our line of Makita® cordless rotary tools help you drill into any intense job. Featuring the highest quality parts and materials, these rotary drills are built to last and backed by a nationwide network of Makita repair warehouses. These warehouses ensure that any time your Makita rotary cutting tool wears out, you'll be able to ship it out and have it repaired and returned as soon as possible. Each Makita tool in our selection is backed by over 100 years of tool-making experience, with each tool design extensively tested to provide you with the finest tool available.
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When you have heavy-duty work that requires a heavy-duty tool, these Makita rotary cutting tools help you bore through any material. Featuring cordless designs and powered by Makita lithium-ion batteries, these tools provide the power to bore through concrete, without tethering you to a power line. Each of these rotary tools makes use of cutting-edge technology to protect your motor. These features include STAR protection computer controls™, which allows the tool and battery to directly interface and prevents overloading and overheating during use. When you've finished boring holes with your Makita cordless rotary tool, our selection of Makita cordless nailers provides you with the same power and efficiency to help you finish the project.

No matter how tough the job, our line of Makita cordless rotary tools give you the power to carve any hole. Like all Makita cordless tools we carry, these tools feature the efficiency and effectiveness that Makita is known for. Whether you're boring through concrete or chippiing away at a wall, these Makita rotary cutting tools will finish any job.
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