Makita Cordless Planers

When you need a fast and convenient planing tool for your jobsite, Makita® Cordless Planers provide you with the durability and efficiency you need to conquer any job. All Makita tools are backed by over 100 years of industry experience, ensuring that your tool is as efficient as possible. Each of these Lithium-ion cordless planers is made from the highest quality materials available, and Makita's nationwide warehouse network supports a quick repair system, meaning that you can have your worn out or damaged tool repaired and returned as soon as possible.
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Built to even out imperfections in lumber and boards, these tools are ideal for cutting multiple boards to a uniform thickness. Each planer boasts a precise cut and smooth finish, making them an ideal choice for smoothing wooden beams and rustic furniture before staining. Each of these Makita cordless planers makes use of the Lithium-ion battery design, ensuring long-lasting battery life, longer run times and removing the hassle of a corded machine. Many of these planers also feature STAR Protection Computer Controls™, a proprietary technology that protects against overloading, over discharging and overheating.

For similar jobs on surfaces that aren't wood, Makita cordless tools provide you with the item you need for any scenario. Though Makita cordless planers are excellent for smoothing and repairing imperfect wooden surfaces, for harder metals or other materials, take a look at the selection of Makita cordless grinders. If it's a smooth finish or paint-able surface that you need, Makita cordless sanders give you the finest surface available.

All Makita cordless planers feature a 3-year manufacturer's warranty, which protects your tool against manufacturing defects or assembly errors. Additionally, Makita's 1-month refund/replacement guarantee ensures you'll never be left with a tool you can't use on arrival. No matter the job, you can be sure that our selection of Makita cordless planers get it done.
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