Makita Concrete Tools

Carpenters and construction professionals actively involved in remodeling homes and commercial property need Makita® Concrete Tools for safe and effective demolition and construction. These professional-grade tools allow you to make precise cuts into existing walls, foundations, concrete slab or cinderblock. Makita concrete tools and supplies also help dry concrete foundations and slab for outdoor patios and terraces.
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Most Makita masonry saws are fuel-powered, and some include motors that don't require oil mixing for convenience. Cold-start features help you start up the motor in all types of weather conditions. Onboard water kits on Makita concrete cutting tools attach to garden hoses or water pressure tanks for wet cutting, which can help reduce dust, extend diamond blade life, and increase cutting accuracy at the worksite. Advanced filtration systems improve air circulation for improved tool performance. Makita diamond blades give you increased precision and decrease heat when cutting brick and concrete. For more flexibility, look for Makita concrete tools for sale with blade guards that allow a wide positioning range, with external knobs for convenience and superior control.

When you are replacing an old worn out slab, Makita concrete tools help you do this safely and accurately. Makita vibrators help you remove air bubbles to keep the concrete pristine and free of cracks and other impurities after you remove the formwork. These cordless Makita concrete tools are powered by Makita's updated Lithium-Ion battery technology for superior battery life and less downtime. These lightweight, handheld devices deliver upwards of 12,000 VPM and can run up to 25 minutes on a single charge.

Makita concrete cutting tools are an absolute necessity for the busy remodeling and construction contractor. Vibrators prevent harmful bubbles from drying into the concrete that cause cracks and other impurities. Get ready for your next job and look for saws and blades that give you accurate and consistent cuts.
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