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MK Diamond® produces industrial-grade concrete and masonry tools for job sites of all sizes. The company also specializes in the production of tools and blades for tile cutting. With a commitment to professional quality, it maintains memberships in the Mason Contractors Association Of America, the World Floor Covering Association and the National Tile Contractors Association.
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Professional contractors and home builders rely on MK Diamond tile tools to measure, cut and position surface coverings with precision. These tools vary in function, and each come with unique benefits for specific situations. You can find tile saws that cut hard ceramic and lightweight models that you can carry anywhere you go. The same applies for masonry jobs. With saws, cup wheels and hand tools for stonework, this company caters to builders who need reliable equipment that lasts as long as possible. These tools and accessories mitigate challenging situations with task-specific features. For example, several concrete tools come with specialized water systems that efficiently distribute water no matter where you position your cut line, and some tile cutting blades use Micro Bead™ technology to eliminate chips in porcelain.

Regardless of whether you use MK Diamond masonry saws or tile cutters, you need strong blades to maximize performance. These blades allow you to cut through some of the hardest materials on the planet and work with several tools. These durable products also give the company its name as it builds more than 150 different types of saws that rely on diamond blades to function. This technology also supports equipment for coring and lapidary jobs. Diamond blades allow you to polish or cut hard materials with absolute confidence.

Our assortment of tools and accessories from MK Diamond includes some of the highest-quality blades on the market. Find the products you need to excel in concrete, masonry and tile work.
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