Loppers cut medium-sized branches from your tree. These cutting and pruning tools leverage your strength efficiently to remove branches with very little effort.
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Bypass loppers utilize a set of curved blades that apply force around a section of the branch, rather than just a single point like the blades of pruning shears. You get much more efficient cuts that can go right through a branch with a single squeeze of the handles. Heavy-duty loppers include a geared design that applies more of your power to the blades, which makes these models easy for almost any member of the household to use.

Pruning loppers work best for branches within the size of their blade. You can remove low-hanging branches to remove obstacles and improve the tree's look and overall health. For higher branches or thick limbs, pair your loppers with pruning saws, which can cut through limbs and boughs of virtually any thickness. Save the saws for only what you can't get with lopping tools, because loppers work much faster than saws.

A few features make your job go more smoothly. The harder your blade strength, the less frequently you have to stop and sharpen them, which gives you consistent cuts throughout each project. A nonstick coating on the blades keeps them from gumming up with sap or other resins, which can save you minutes or even hours depending on the length of your job. Grab the lightest pair that you can find so that you can use them comfortably throughout your work day.

Loppers remove problem branches that could take up nutrients and sunlight, leaving the tree malnourished. Many of our hand landscaping tools come with lifetime warranties, so you can be assured of quality and protection. Check out our tools and grab the best loppers for your home garden or landscaping operation today.
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