Lasers & Transit Level

Lasers & Transit Level
Lasers and transit levels take the hassle out of setting levels on the worksite or in the home. These useful tools allow installers, building contractors, construction workers and DIY enthusiasts to establish correct levels when performing installation or construction work. We stock a complete range of lasers, transit levels and laser accessories.
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By far one of the most versatile tools, Laser levels have revolutionized home and industrial construction projects with their easy-to-use design that transmits a stationary or rotating laser beam. They simplify the task of establishing correct levels, ensuring uprights are vertical and verifying construction work is straight. Laser levels are designed for use by a single operator and many offer automatic leveling. Handheld lasers are useful for precise measurement and layouts.

Transit levels are primarily used on construction sites to identify cut and fill requirements to level or grade a site. They range from low cost units, many of which are fitted with telescopes with a 20 - 26 times magnification and maximum working range of approximately 200 feet, to sophisticated, high powered, electronically controlled models. These models, with working ranges of up to approximately 1,000 feet, are ideal for major construction projects and highways. Transit levels are available as standalone units or come complete with tripod and leveling rods.

A full range of laser accessories is available that complement lasers and transit levels, including tripods, leveling rods, laser detectors and telescoping rods. These laser accessories facilitate precise measurements and extend the usefulness of lasers and transit levels. Also available are ultrasonic thickness gauges used for the measurement of thickness of steel structures and components.

We have a wide range of lasers for sale at a price to suit any budget. Whether it is a relatively simple task such as putting up shelves in the kitchen or laying out the foundations and floor slab for a new home, we've got the right levels and accessories for the job.
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