Completely transform your or your client's lawn or garden with the help of our rugged, dependable landscaping tools. A well-kept garden is the hallmark of a healthy home, and the first thing any visitors see. Make sure you have the tools you need to keep it that way, year after year.
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One of the most important ways to help your plants thrive is to make sure they have enough water. Watering an entire garden regularly can be tough, especially if the garden spans a large area. Luckily, our line of landscaping tools includes a selection of high-quality water hoses and hose accessories. A good hose will resist kinking and sun damage, reach where you need it most, and last for years. Whether you're feeding water to a home irrigation system or watering by hand, these yard accessories will come in handy.

Landscaping tools are what you need to clear away unwanted branches and loosen densely packed dirt. Keep your trees healthy and attractive with regular cutting and pruning. When you've trimmed all your trees and shrubs, you can use one of our sturdy wheelbarrows to dispose of the branches.

For larger estates, landscaping hand tools simply aren't enough. You'll need the power, speed and rugged efficiency of our outdoor power equipment. These heavy-duty landscaping tools are ideal for professional landscapers or anyone with a lot of yard work to do.

It takes a lot of work to make a lawn or garden flourish, but the right landscaping tools can make it a lot easier. Think about the size of the area you intend to landscape, and remember that it's not just a one-time job. Plants require dedication and maintenance, so make sure you get tools designed to last as long as your garden.
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