Knaack Field Stations

Field stations are one of the most innovative storage solutions of the entire family of KNAACK® toolboxes and storage equipment. They provide an office in the field, whether for storing important design blueprints or for accessing digital resources.
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Knaack field stations are constructed from 16-gauge steel and have either a Watchman® IV or V locking system. With this system, the padlock housing is recessed, and the shackle is facing inward, so it's not exposed to bolt cutters. Each model has gas struts that let the lid open easily and close without slamming. Knaack field stations have different skid arrangements for forklift maneuverability, and you can add casters if necessary.

You can equip Knaack field stations as digital Data Vault™ workstations with full USB connectivity, a Power Crew® inbox power supply with 4 GFCI outlets and a 1500 watt back-up emergency power supply. Some Knaack data vaults offer 40-inch monitors and color printers and are equipped with 4 crane-lift brackets that are offered as one of several Knaack jobsite box accessories. Other Knaack data vaults come with 32-inch monitors and have a cable pass-through for digital equipment. Caster wheels and a welded hinged handle provide ample mobility and maneuverability. Knaack field stations are also configurable as work and storage offices with removable shelves, desktops and front doors with vault-style hinges that have interior brackets for hanging tools and accessories. These field stations are lockable at five positions with the Watchman V locking system; that features a vertical deadbolt that resists drill-out.

Knaack data vaults are one of Knaack's unique storage designs. Their sophistication complements the utilitarian design of Knaack rolling work benches, which are the heart of the storage family. A look at our line of Knaack field stations shows the range of options that are available for protecting your prized work possessions, large and small, sophisticated and basic.
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