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JET® slip rolls are part of a line of Jet tools that comprise the forming phase of the metalworking process, including Jet shears, brakes, hand notchers, presses and benders. They wind sheet metal into cylinders and cones for HVAC and utility conduits and runs, as well as metal strips into wire coils and loops. Jet slip rolls are either manual bench models that can roll 22-gauge mild steel or electric models with foot control assemblies that power roll sheet metal up to 16 gauge. Both types of slip-roll forming machines have turning-gear ratios that support smooth and efficient forming. The companion power tools in the metal forming process are Jet brakes, which can shape sheet metal into a variety of angles and boxes for such items as gutters and duct work.
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Both manual and electric Jet slip rolls have precision-turned carbon steel pinch and idler rollers that not only can form metal into cylinders and cones but also flatten and straighten softer metals such as copper and aluminum. Each type of slip roll has 3 grooves of different diameters for rolling metal strips into wire coils. Jet electrical slip rolls and their companion manual bench model have front-adjusting screws that ensure precise gauge gapping. Rear adjusting screws lower or raise the idler arms for providing accurate radius rolls, and each side of the roller has a position scale for equalizing rolling pressure. Both types of Jet slip-roll forming machines are formed from heavy-duty cast iron for ultra stability. Bench models can be accessorized with separate floor stands.

Jet slip rolls are industry-leading machines that can wind metal into precisely crafted cylinders, cones and wire coils. Cylinders can then be transformed into HVAC runs by using Jet hand notchers to angle cut them so they can be connected securely together. Choose Jet slip-roll forming machines for the precision of their adjustable rolling system and the stability of their cast-iron construction.
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