JET Forming

JET® forming tools consist of manual, pneumatic and hydraulic machines that shape metal as part of a larger fabrication process. The tools include Jet presses, brakes, slips rolls, shears and hand notchers that metalworkers use to cut sheet metal to a precise dimension. These tools also bend and shape metal into fabricated pieces and notch, bend or press them so they can be attached or run at specific angles and races. Another tool, Jet benders, lets plumbers and electricians bend up to schedule 40 pipes from 1/2 inch to 3 inches in diameter for various runs and conduits. All Jet forming tools work with both dense and alloy metals, including steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and zinc.
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Jet shears cut sheet metal and plastic into pre-fabricated pieces. They feature adjustable clamping bars to keep the material stable. Most models have an aligned beam and bed for accuracy and adjustable rear depth gauges for precise cuts. Once cut, sheet metal can be formed into cylindrical shapes and cones using Jet slip rolls.

Brakes are available in both floor and bench models and can bend and shape sheet metal into siding, gutters, ductwork and other utility products. These Jet brakes include a selection of various sized fingers for increased versatility and productivity.

Jet presses are arbor-driven or hydraulically powered machines that exert tons of pressure on sheet metal pieces to further manipulate their shape. Other Jet forming tools include pipe and tube benders and hand notchers, for making small cuts or notches in sheet metal pieces.

Jet forming tools include features that support both pre-fabrication and fabrication precision, including machine-engineered beds, blades, clamps and rollers. All of the tools are designed for efficiency in each stage of the metal-forming process. You can rely on these forming tools to make your products more accurate and work more productive.
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