JET Disc Grinders

JET® metalworking tools provide industry-leading cutting and finishing edges and multi-adjustable settings to ensure metal turning, forming, milling and drilling precision. Jet grinding and finishing tools provide the final touches of the metalworking process, and they include Jet disc grinders that help metal workers grind and smooth workpieces to an ultra-fine finish. You can use the disc grinder in fabrication or machine shops to smooth down pieces that have simple and compound mitered edges or that are curvilinear in form.
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Jet industrial disc grinders are part of a larger family of Jet belt sanders and grinders. These grinding tools are standalone machines that rest on a one-piece steel stand and provide a powerful, medium-speed disk wheel for any fine metal-finishing work, plus at a speed that is also ideal for smoothing hardwood pieces. Jet disc grinders are equipped with a cast-iron slotted table top that holds a diecast aluminum miter gauge that easily grinds simple miter cuts at almost any angle. The table also tilts 45 degrees out and 20 degrees in to provide a combined table and gauge angle for grinding compound miter cuts. An easy-to-read, precision scale down to 1/32-inch enhances this Jet double-disc grinder's capability for miter cuts. The machine-engineered disk ensures vibration-free revolution, so the Jet disk grinder is also a great tool for smoothing S-turns and curves.

Jet disk grinders are a valuable component of metal finishing since they allow almost any angle or curve to be smoothed to a precise edge. They are a companion power tool to JET bench grinders that prep cutting edges, fabricated pieces and even drill bits, hand chisels and screwdrivers for final finishing phases. Choose from our line of Jet industrial disk grinders, and add an essential power tool to your machine and fabrication shop that forms raw metal stock into polished tools and pieces.
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