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Irwin Step Bits Set

IRWIN® step drill bit sets allow you to increase and decrease your drill size in seconds. Each piece works like its own Irwin drill bit set. This saves you time while you work because it's like having several bits on a single shank. You don't need to swap accessories to change the diameter of your next hole.
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There are few ways to find an Irwin step drill bit set that suits your equipment. Sometimes these parts need extra strength to complete the job right. As with Irwin standard twist bit sets, different body compositions address different target materials. Metal bits require more strength than wood bits, so they don't lose their efficacy when they strike hard surfaces. Some of these Irwin step drill bits for metal rely on titanium bodies for strength. Their shanks have three flat edges, which lock into your chuck and prevent slips during operation. This maximizes the performance of the Irwin titanium step drill bits so you don't lose power when you encounter resistance. These strong grips also prevent your bits from sliding out when you remove them from your stock.

While it's important to consider which materials you plan to work with, UNIBIT® sets have a few other unique features: specialized tips and markings. Some of these Irwin titanium step drill bits have Speedpoint™ tips that help maintain a firm position as they strike the surface of your material. They work like the pieces in Irwin brad and pilot bit sets, which have specialized heads that create precise hole sizes without sliding off your mark. Speedpoint tips minimize movement under pressure to maintain alignment from start to finish. Every piece in every Irwin step drill bit set also features engraved measurement markings that show exactly where you need to drill to produce a specific hole size.

Your projects require absolute precision for professional-quality results. You can choose an Irwin step drill bit set that creates precise hole dimensions in any material you work with.

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