Irwin Drill Bits - Individual

Individual IRWIN® drill bits come in a wide variety of styles and sizes to suit all sorts of applications and are compatible with various materials. Whether you need a new auger bit that quickly drives through thick wood or a standard twist bit for metal, there are plenty of options from which to choose. There are even accessories to drill through masonry. This selection includes Irwin countersink drill bits, which help you maintain flush surfaces on finished projects.
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It shouldn't take much time to find a suitable bit. Depending on what you want to do, you may need Irwin auger and spade individual bits to create holes quickly or standard twist bits with specific sizes. Auger and spade bits differ in performance, but both allow you to drill wide holes quickly. Spade bits slice away edges to quickly cut shallow holes, while auger bits drive materials upward, away from their points, to drill deeper into thick stock. Thinner bits, such as Irwin standard twist individual bits, create accurate hole sizes for all sorts of projects. SPEEDBOR® bits feature flutes that push the dust out of the hole to increase work speed.

Irwin hole saw individual bits usually have a pilot tip for guidance, and they quickly cut a circular hole much larger than most other bits. When drilling into fragile materials such as ceramic and glass, use Irwin glass and tile bits with extra sharp cutting edges that drill without shattering surfaces. These Irwin drill bits fit the same standard chuck sizes as wood bits and help you maintain the integrity of the work surface.

Are you looking for Irwin drill bits? You're in the right place. Consider the size of the hole and the type of material you plan to work with to find exactly what you need right here.
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