Irwin Hand Tools

No matter what the job, there are IRWIN® hand tools to help. This versatile equipment grips, cuts and measures all sorts of materials. Whether you want to hold boards down with Irwin clamps before you cut them down to size or twist a nut so it doesn't slip off a bolt, you can find what you need right here.
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Your choice of tools will depend on what you want to accomplish. Most Irwin pliers offer extraordinary versatility and come in a range of sizes. Some have curved jaws that catch nuts and hex fittings at multiple points for security while others have flat heads for flat surfaces. If you could use an extra hand while you work, look for pliers with VISE-GRIP® functions that lock the jaws in place, so you don't have to keep your fingers on the handle while you work. Irwin clamps also provide ongoing support, albeit at much larger sizes. Some double as spreaders and hold materials apart as well. Irwin offers extractors, vises and screwdrivers as well.

Many Irwin hand tools feature ProTouch™ handles that cushion your hands while you work. These are on all sorts of Irwin cutting tools, including several types of snips. They're also available on pliers and other hand tools. ProTouch cushioning protects your hands from discomfort when you tighten your grip, so you can slice through heavy-duty cable or remove tight bolts without discomfort. Irwin levels have cushions of their own. These bumpers protect the equipment from accidental knocks on the job. The added layer of protection prevents dents and preserves accuracy. Many tools, such as Irwin chisels, provide enormous strength for tight situations. These tools help you remove broken screws and worn bolts during demolition while the company's utility knives slice through canvas, board and packaging materials for everyday projects.

There are plenty of ways to use this equipment. Explore the options and you can find Irwin hand tools to suit many different tasks.

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