Irwin Drill Bits - Sets

IRWIN® drill bit sets enable multiple cut sizes and, just as importantly, they serve a variety of functions. Whether you need to create angled pilot holes for fasteners or multiple hole diameters in a single project, these sets have the pieces for the job. Just check the size of your chuck and find an Irwin drill bit set that suits your needs.
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When you need a general purpose solution, Irwin standard twist bit sets have all the pieces for the job. These bits come in a range of sizes, and they excel with everyday applications. Irwin auger bit sets work more quickly than standard bits. They have deep flutes that push material away from the tip, which increases work speed. Irwin spade drill bit sets work quickly as well. They scrape away at the sides of your holes to bore through thin materials in seconds. You can find Irwin auger and spade bit sets in a range of sizes, and many have SPEEDBOR® bodies to enhance performance.

Some Irwin drill bit sets feature specialized tips to keep your drill from walking while you work. Turbomax® tips offer one solution, and there are specialized alternatives as well. When you need to complete detail work, Irwin brad and pilot point bit sets provide absolute control. These Irwin drill bit sets reduce splintering and help with precision tasks such as cabinetry to antique furniture restoration. Step bits and counterpoint bits deliver additional control, whether you need to work with metal, wood or another material. While step bits always provide multiple cut sizes, Irwin step bit sets expand the available options even further. Just check to see which size range comes with your desired set to make sure you have all the options you need.

These kits include multiple pieces and work with all sorts of different projects. Expand the performance of your drill press or hand drill with an Irwin drill bit set.

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