Impact Drivers

Impact drivers are one of those power tools which once you've got one, you wonder how you ever managed without one. Electric impact drivers have the power to drive screws of any size, into many types of material time after time, without fatigue.
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Impact drivers are especially useful for jobs where the same action is repeated for long periods, such as dry wall installation or roofing. They have many uses in plumbing, flooring, framing, electrical installation, carpentry, metal working projects and in motor and machinery repairs. While they can be put to some of the same uses as power drills and impact wrenches, their repeated bursts of sudden, rotational force make them the tool of choice for certain tasks. Many models offer a variable speed trigger making it fast and easy to apply the force necessary to drive home any length of screw or fastener.

Some impact drivers also offer a reverse feature which makes removing stubborn screws effortless and if you try warming frozen bolts with a heat gun first, they will definitely move. The quick-release hexagonal chucks can be operated with one hand to make changing accessories fast and simple, and the hardened metal range of bits and sockets fit exactly any type of screw or bolt.

Electric impact drivers are powered from the main supply and there are also rechargeable models available. Some even have a built in LED light, so you can work at night or in poorly lit conditions. Many of our impact drivers for sale have a highly durable outer casing for long life, are lightweight to lessen fatigue and have a belt hook that keeps it handy whenever you work. Add one of our impact drivers to your collection today and enjoy the versatility they bring to your toolbox.
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