Husqvarna Outdoor

Husqvarna makes a broad range of outdoor power equipment to suit professional users and casual users alike. Landscapers can fell trees and cut away brush with Husqvarna chain saws and string trimmers. Those looking to maintain their gardens or grounds can use Husqvarna snow blowers and lawn mowers to get rid of snow and grass. In addition, the wide range of accessories makes these tools seriously versatile.
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Husqvarna outdoor power equipment includes a large range of Husqvarna snow blowers that can quickly remove snow from your sidewalk or driveway. Choose a single-stage snow thrower for small jobs that need a light and easy-to-handle machine and use a 30-inch two-stage tracked snow blower for bigger jobs, such as clearing roads around lots.

Husqvarna blowers help you clear leaves from lawns and driveways without using a broom or a rake, and come in a range of powers and sizes. Husqvarna edgers make it easy to keep your flower beds tidy, while Husqvarna hedge trimmers give you the power to cut your hedges so that they appear neat and tidy all year round.

Husqvarna chain saws come in a vast range of sizes and powers. Many feature Husqvarna's X-Torq® engines known for low fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Look for light 1 kW chain saws for tree work, 1.4 to 1.8 kW chain saws for woodcutting and large 2.4 kW or higher chain saws for chopping large trees down. Lower-powered chainsaws are lighter but work a little slower.

Husqvarna string trimmers help you make light work of unkempt areas of brush and grass, and a range of Husqvarna accessories let you change out plates and string as required. Smart Start® designing helps these string trimmers start quickly and LowVib® keeps vibration in check.

Husqvarna outdoor power equipment can make your life easier, even when temperatures plummet. Getting the right set of tools or accessories ensures your job will be completed quickly and easily.
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