Husqvarna Construction Diamond Bits & Blades

Whether you're cutting concrete or asphalt, drilling granite or brick or finishing stone surfaces, Husqvarna® diamond bits and blades can handle the job. Dealing with tough materials such as reinforced concrete, native stone and asphalt can be challenging. We offer a broad selection of bits and blades, including products designed specifically for use with Husqvarna construction tools. Husqvarna diamond bits and blades put flexible cutting and drilling options into your hands.
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Construction diamond blades are available in a variety of sizes and blade types, making it easy to select one that matches your job's requirements. Choose Husqvarna construction diamond blades with Soff-Cut® technology to cut newly finished concrete without spalling or chipping, or use diamond ring saw blades to make cuts up to 10 inches deep in granite, stone or reinforced concrete. In addition to wall, floor and pavement cutting blades, Husqvarna offers diamond blades for masonry and tile saws. These Husqvarna diamond blades have steel cores that reduce operating noise levels by up to 50 percent.

Specialized tasks such as core drilling and surface preparation require both precision and power. Husqvarna construction diamond core bits handle almost any material and are available in a variety of sizes, making it easy to find a bit to match the job at hand. Husqvarna's diamond cup wheels include products for finishing and polishing stone, masonry or concrete, as well as wheels that quickly remove adhesives such as epoxy or construction glue from hard surfaces.

Husqvarna diamond bits and blades combine performance and flexibility. They give you and your workers the tools you need to cut or drill almost any type of concrete, asphalt, tile or stone, and their varied blade and bit sizes ensure cuts and bores are accurate. Browse Husqvarna diamond cup wheels, core bits and saw blades and find the right tool for your next cutting job.
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