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Hose cutters provide expert-level control over a variety of tubes. While professional plumbers often use these tools to slice through durable materials, many contracting professionals own a set of their own. Line cutters allow for easier cuts in all sorts of pipes, tubes and hoses.
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Professionals rely on durable hand tools to accomplish everyday tasks effectively. Tubing cutters offer the same benefit. These hand-cutting tools maintain their strength even with daily use. Tubing cutters rely on the shape and placement of the blades to cut through all sorts of material. Like bolt cutters, their effective mechanical designs allow the user to cut through strong pipes with the power provided by the squeeze of a hand.

Rubber hose cutters slice only through rubber materials, often leaving perfect shaped ends for the project. Many of these slicers last without requiring much maintenance of their own. Just wipe them down to remove any excess oil or grease in order to extend the blade's life span as long as possible. Then, check for dirt and debris in the clamping mechanism. Store the tool as you would with any other in your set, away from extreme heat and accessible for the next project. Older cutters may require some lubrication in order to restore their original performance. With a little attention, these tools should retain their value as you move from one job site to the next.

We have a number of hose cutters that could work for your projects. Professional installations sometimes require heavy-duty options for best results. In these situations, check our line cutters that match the size of pipe that requires attention. For everyday projects, check for small options to keep with your hand tools. Rubber hose cutters offer enormous benefits for home artisans as well as professionals.
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