Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Hand tools are sturdy, simple to use and relatively inexpensive to purchase. These high-quality durable tools help in virtually every conceivable trade project or home job. Since they require no batteries or electrical power, you know they're always work-ready when you need them. View our Selection of some of the best hand tools for sale today. These hand-held tools are safer to use than power tools and make excellent training implements for kids and students.
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Hand screwdrivers are among the most common hand tool in both home and automotive repair. For the greatest value, get your hand screwdrivers in a multihead set to use one screwdriver for multiple fasteners. For most woodcarving projects hand chisels make quick work of wood blocks and turn out beautiful carvings. Hand chisels come in metal-working varieties that can take off stuck fasteners.

Woodworking hand tools include saws, hammers, awls and saw horses. These tools are easy to learn to use, and you can use them to make make functional and decorative pieces in a matter of hours or days. Use hand vises to hold your pieces together. Hand vises operate with simple screws and give the precise pressure that you need. Hand cutting tools, such as hand saws, hack saws and snips, offer quick and precise cuts. Mastering cuts with hand cutting tools is a skill that requires artist-level discipline and gives the same pride as an artist creating a masterpiece.

For outstanding value, consider hand tool sets. Sets with multiple tools contain practically every piece that you could need for your projects. They come in boxes or cases to keep them safe.

A hand tool is easy to manufacture and replace, so their warranties often give you the exceptional value of lifetime replacement. Put artisanal performance in your own hands with the fine tool sets.
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