Hand Chisels

Hand chisels quickly remove material from your work surface and provide extreme leverage and power from hammer strikes. With many different chisels for sale, consider each of their features to decide the best chisel for your application.
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Metal chisels let you shape metal pieces for decorative or functional purposes or remove bolts and fasteners for repair or access. Metal chisels have thick double-beveled heads and bodies for dealing with high-strength metal. Woodworking chisels have single-beveled heads for precision wood gouges. A woodworking chisel cuts only on one edge to keep you from removing too much material at once. The best woodworking chisels have features like soft grips for extended use, tempered heads and high-strength strike material.

Masonry chisels provide great leverage for taking out large portions of concrete or brick. These hand tools use incredibly sturdy design to hold up against repeated hammer blows while you cut into or knock out bricks from mortar. Always use the correct type of chisel for every application.

If you do artistic work, consider chisel sets. These tool sets offer value on purchasing multiple chisels and come with enough chisels to make a variety of sized gouges. Chisels sets also include storage for your chisels to keep track and offer better protection for extended tool life. If you work in a trade like masonry or electrical and need replacement chisels, individual ones work very well because the general nature of your jobs, and the durable construction of the chisels ensures that they last you for a long time.

Check to make sure that your selected hand chisels come with protective warranties. These tools give you the power to demolish and create beautiful pieces quickly. Pick up high-quality hand chisels today and create heirloom-quality pieces today.
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