Hammers and Mallets drive nails and break up material for demolition jobs. These tools are essential to any tool collection, and come in a wide variety of sub-types for many different jobs.
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Claw hammers are the most common type. Use them to install and remove nails from boards. Some models of soft face hammers have replaceable tips. These tips or their regular face can be anything from soft rubber to hard plastic. It's a good choice when you need force with a soft touch. Drywall hammers have waffled heads to grip the nail better so you don't slip and damage drywall. They also feature bladed backs to help remove drywall. Masonry hammers have hard blades in the back that resemble picks or mattocks. They're very useful to break up concrete or tile.

Sledgehammers are large, ax-sized hammers with heavy heads that you use to drive spikes or demolish old construction. Engineer's hammers are like sledges, but closer to the size of a regular hammer for machine work. Peining hammers have ball peens on the back to help shape sheet metal or other similar material. Specialty hammers include dead blow hammers for simple striking force and roofing hatchets with ax-like blades to help pull up old roofing material.

Look for hammers with soft grips to reduce hand strain. Ergonomic handles help you deliver greater force while they protect your hands, wrist and arms from repetitive stress. Grab the lightest hammer that still fulfills your project requirements to reduce your overall workload.

Hammers and mallets are easy to use and universal. Use them to build or demolish, drive or pull nails, pull boards or drive other tools via impact. Add our wide selection of hammers and mallets to your toolbox and always have the right tool for the job at hand.
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