Grills & Accessories

Grills and accessories make some of the best-tasting food for outdoor parties. You can quickly cook up dozens of steaks, burgers or vegetarian fare and impart that one-of-a-kind barbecue flavor.
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Charcoal grills are the oldest model. They're easy to use, just dump in your briquettes, light them and go, and you can make the fire as hot as you like. Propane grills heat your meat evenly, and they start up instantly. Propane tanks last for a long time, but you do have to make sure that you have them secured tightly. Natural gas grills hook directly into your utility. If you have a natural gas setup, these grills operate much the same as propane, but you never have to refill the tank. Electric grills use AC power to cook. Newer models feature infrared heating that directs the heat into the food instead of the air, which gives you a more moist finished product.

We sell a number of cooking tools and accessories to make your job easier and your finished dish more delicious. Thermometers tell you when the meat hits a temperature that's safe to serve. Stainless steel tongs and forks make turning the food easy and keep your hands from the grill. Grease catchers prevent flareups and make cleaning much more convenient, while grill covers let you keep your grill outside but protect them from the sun and rain. Smokers deliver a woody, rich taste to your food that tastes great on brats, turkey and other dishes. Don't forget an array of spices for custom dry rubs or a high-quality brush for wet mops.

Grills are the quintessential summer party item. They're easy, fast and fun to operate. Check out all of the grill types, charcoal, gas and propane, find the one that's right for you and start grilling today.
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