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GREENLEE® is a manufacturer of tools for electricians and electrical contractors. They offer a wide variety of electrical tools needed for wire installation and electrical drilling. These Greenlee electrical tools include fish tapes, cable pullers, wire caddies, voltage detectors, stud and knockout punches, conduit benders and more. Professionals who engage in electrical drilling can turn to Greenlee power tool accessories for their power drills and drivers, with the option of getting individual bits or multiple-piece bit sets.
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The individual Greenlee drill bits include two different patented designs. Nail Eater® auger bits have the strength to easily screw through wood and will even cut through any nails buried within the wood. The Nail Eater bits come in four diameter sizes ranging from 7/8-inch to 1-inch, with a length ranging from 7-5/8 inches to 18 inches. The D'versiBIT® auger bits are 54 inches long and have the flexibility to bend around corners in outlet holes to drill through draw studs within walls. With these flexible Greenlee drill bits, you can attach extenders and use a placement tool to drill wire pathways all the way up walls and through ceilings. A small hole is set near the screw tip to tie on the wire you're going to feed through the screw holes.

As for Greenlee drill bit sets, you can get a set of six metal drilling bits with special threading which can screw, tap and countersink all at once. Other bit sets are for drilling or cutting conduit-sized holes in metal panel boxes, as well as other materials such as aluminum, copper, plastic and laminates. The Greenlee step bit kit has high-speed steel bits with a double-fluted design that allows them to power through metal. There's also a 68-piece screw and nut driving kit which consists of Greenlee nut drivers and multiple types and sizes of drill bits. With all of these options, electrical contractors can provide their team with the tools and accessories needed for their electrical drilling and wire installation projects.
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