Greenlee Levels

GREENLEE® levels help you make sure your woodworking, remodeling and construction projects are all plumb. Their durability keeps them in excellent working condition so you can trust them to provide accurate grade measurements for many projects to come. Each one sports several features to handle a specific set of tasks and help make your job easier.
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Greenlee torpedo levels are short enough to fit almost anywhere and long enough to ensure a flush reading. They have laser-etched markings that are easy to see even after extended use. Greenlee bubble levels have multiple vials at specific angles, such as 0, 30, 45 and 90 degrees, to assure that you get a consistent reading. You can use the no-dog feature to attach the unit directly to a pipe or conduit for a hands-free reading that allows you to use your Greenlee hand tools to make offset bends and see your current angle at the same time.

The anodized aluminum body makes your Greenlee level immune to rust so you can use it in damp or rainy conditions. V-grooves on the bottom allow the unit to curve over a pipe or wire conduit, which makes it easy to use in conjunction with Greenlee electrical tools. Some Greenlee torpedo levels have rare earth magnets to keep them in place securely on pipes or studs with nails. Openings on the top and bottom allow you to see the vials from every angle, which makes even the most awkward pipes and corners easier to manage.

Greenlee levels help you set up correctly before you cut or fasten your pieces. Their compact designs make them easy to take with you wherever you go so you can always have the angle verification you need. Browse this selection of Greenlee torpedo levels and tool sets to find the one that's right for your unique needs.
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