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Forks are ideal tools for when you need to grab large clumps of material. Unlike shovels, which only hold material on top of the blade, these tools have tines that hold material above and below to move more material at once.
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Manure forks have long handles for extra leverage and to keep you far from the manure. Their five, closely-spaced tines hold manure, hay, mulch or other material without dropping it, so you can quickly get fertilizer to your planting site. Beyond fertilizer, you can use these forks to move a pile of leaves, you gathered with a rake or broom, to your compost pile, yard debris box or other storage area. The tines have exceptional sharpness, depth and spacing to aerate the ground.

Spading forks are short, and they usually have four thick, widely spaced tines that tear up the ground with little effort. The short handle with a D-grip allows you to put your full weight behind the force of your thrusts, and to fully utilize your arm strength. The strength of the tines lets these forks drive deep into the soil, and they can work rocks out of the ground with far less effort than a gardening spade. While they don't cut through weed roots like a shovel does, they also don't cut through the roots of your favorite plants, which makes them a much safer option for moving large groups of flowers or other plants from one place to the next.

Forks save you time compared to other landscaping tools. Many of them feature outstanding warranty protection to ensure that you can enjoy working with them for years to come. Check out our line of forks for sale, compare their features, and select the one that's best for your home or farm.
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