Flooring Tools

Flooring Tools

Flooring tools help you remove carpet, tile and other materials and install the new floor afterwards. Each of these tools make specific tasks go much faster and improve your overall accuracy.
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Hardwood and laminate tools include shears, nozzles, spacers and clamps. Shears cut the flooring material into precisely sized strips and give you straight angles for perfect matches. Cove base nozzles fit on the end of a tube of adhesive and make it easier to quickly apply adhesive to a wide area. Spacers are hardwood tools that ensure you place the material exactly where you need it and maintain their straight alignment. Clamps keep the material where you put it while you work so that the finished result is a perfect-looking floor.

Carpet tools include cutters, scrapers and knives. Use knives and cutters to tear up old carpet and size your new pieces. Scrapers loosen and remove stuck carpet and remove any thick adhesive residue. You can purchase everything you need for carpet jobs in single kits to save time and money. Floor protectors cling to the carpet and keep it fresh during the final phases of the job, during painting and throughout any miscellaneous unfinished work.

Tile tools include saws, blades and scrapers. Wet saws and tile cutters cut brittle tile without cracks. They use fixed blades to give straight cuts. Their blades feature tile-specific design to cut through tough porcelain, although you must make sure that you buy only dry blades for dry saws and wet blades for wet saws. Tile scrapers take up pieces of tile after you break them to give you a clean surface to put down new flooring.

These tools each give you specific, reliable performance. The right tools for every project ensure precision and beauty for your final results. Pick up the flooring tools you need today, and enjoy your beautiful floors for years to come.
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