A good floor can make the difference between a house and a home. Make the right flooring choice for your next project, and execute it well with the help of our full line of flooring tools. Cut, shape and fasten your flooring with these quality machines.
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Carpet can make a room feel warmer, while simultaneously being easy on the feet and knees. Install carpet the right way with our carpet tools. These specialized flooring tools can handle everything from trimming your carpet, to rolling out the wrinkles, to getting it snug with the edges of the room, making your job easier and your results more satisfying.

A good hardwood floor is a fashionable choice for the modern home or apartment. Our line of hardwood and laminate flooring tools are ideal for the working contractor. Snug up your boards for a smooth, seamless finish with our specialized strap clamps, and fasten them with a pneumatic nailer for a secure hold. Protect your floor from your boots while you work, using one of our floor protectors.

Whether you're working on a bathroom or a patio, a tile floor can be a beautiful addition to a space, with the added bonus of being easy to clean. Our tile flooring tools give you the edge when cutting and shaping tile for installation. Add mesmerizing design elements to a home sauna or jacuzzi with a mosaic of precisely cut tile, or finish a whole outdoor fire pit in an afternoon using our speedy and effective tools. Whatever the job, our flooring tools can help you do it better and faster than ever before.

Flooring is an often overlooked element of home construction, but it is important nonetheless. By investing in the flooring tools that suit your job, you ensure that the crucial details of your project get the attention they need. Install the right flooring the right way with this specialized equipment.
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