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BOSCH® fixed-base routers give woodworkers, laminate trimmers and other tradespersons more than just a tool for shaping material. They provide the innovations that professionals look for in a router itself. Bosch variable-speed fixed-base routers are powered by high-RPM motors that operate with Bosch's Constant Response Circuitry™ to maintain their cutting speed through the densest of wood. They also start with minimal gear torque, maintaining the motor's longevity. Other innovations of the best fixed-based router line include a two-step clamping system for mounting and dismounting motors in their base quickly, a depth adjustment system that locks in router settings and a sub-base that is machined to keep bits centered precisely on work-pieces. Bosch fixed-base routers are also equipped with LED target lights and textured, contoured handles for easy maneuvering.
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Bosch variable-speed fixed-base routers are offered in a range of horsepower, from 1 HP palm routers to larger 2, 2.25 and 2.3 HP motors. Cutting speed is trigger controlled, so router work can be as detailed or as rugged as you want. Bosch fixed-based routers can also be unclamped from their fixed base and inserted into to several Bosch router plunge bases, and the smaller palm routers have their own optional tilt and offset bases.

Bosch single and variable-speed fixed-base routers can be fitted with more than 100 steel or carbide-tipped bits that are used in cabinetry or millwork shops or on home-renovation sites. Other options include a range of templates and guides, collets and templets. The routers can also be mounted to a Bosch router table for work on larger pieces.

Bosch technology is renown, and its fixed-base routers are no exception. Bosch has built a range of innovations into its routers to make them easier to use, more precise and more reliable. Combined with the range of horsepower available, the Bosch variable-speed fixed-base routers can tackle work from straightforward laminate trimming to fine cabinetry scrollwork.
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