Festool Blades

The design and machining of Festool® blades are reason enough to choose Festool power cutting tools. They meet all small-project cutting needs when equipped with Festool planer blades, joinery cutters and oscillating, circular and jigsaw blades, each with innovative tooth structures to minimize cutting resistance and create smooth edges.
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Festool saw blades include circular blades with variable-tooth, carbide-tipped cutting edges that feature alternating flat and double-beveled teeth, as well as offset, alternating beveled teeth for double-sided cuts. They also include Festool jigsaw blades, precision-milled to cut wood, laminate and metal smoothly, as well as glass, ceramics, fiberglass, chipboard, insulation and foam. Models include extra-thick blades and non-toothed, splitter blades. Festool blades also include those for multi-functional oscillating saws that home-rehabbers now use for their easy-grip power to cut pre-set material, such as trim molding, window sections and floorboards. These oscillating blades have variable-width, bi-metal or high-carbon steel cutting edges, some with double-row teeth and include scraping blades for removing surface finishes.

Festool planer blades not only shave down and smooth out wood pieces. Some also have spiral cutting edges for decorative wood texturing. One makes an undulating cut to create distressed, rough-hewn facing. Festool blades also include bladed-bit Festool domino cutters for creating mortises to accept joinery dowels, tenons and dimpled, domino-style biscuit. The beauty of these carbide-tipped, spiral-fluted blades is that mortising doesn't have to be a fixed-station job. Joinery is now possible by attaching Festool domino cutters to its portable, hand-held mortisers, with accessories even for edge joinery and angled mortising.

Festool blades offer the milling and design qualities to get small project work done accurately and efficiently. Their innovative tooth design and variety of cutting-edge sizes minimize resistance to cuts and create smooth and burn-free edges. One look at our Festool line of power tool blades is enough to convince any die-hard brand loyalist to see what Festool power tools are all about.
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