Festool builds its equipment to high standards, always beginning their designs with the concept of innovation. The company designs and creates high-quality power tools and accessories that withstand all sorts of tough environments. Festool power tools offer industry-leading designs including the world's first portable chain saw, the first domino jointer and the first circular saw that included a rail guide.
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Festool bench and stationary machinery incorporate this same spirit of innovation with classic designs. Festool tools build on time-tested designs, including miter saws and planers and add additional features based on the needs of the professional workplace. Often including advanced airflow systems to help with dust management, these tools launch shops into greater levels of efficiency and production. Festool cordless tools offer similar design details. These items range in shape and style, but each of them offers a thoughtful design with features to help at specific tasks.

Festool power tools serve as popular choices in both home and professional environments. The company maintains high standards for their customer service and remains committed to their range of products. The Festool dust management solutions, for example, often include large wheels for easy transportation. On-unit hose storage helps many of the most common Festool dust extractors to keep workshops clear of clutter. This attention to detail extends to all of the brand's products. Festool power tool accessories offer high-quality solutions to everyday tasks, including bags and blades that work with the brand's common tools.

Festool built its brand on quality and innovation. When you require advanced tools to complete the job, this brand offers a full line of tools and products that help along the way. From advanced on-unit dust management solutions to simple designs like Festool storage, you can find options to help with any situation at home or in the shop.
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