Fein® enjoys a rightly deserved reputation for quality, consistency and durability. This company's tools can help you get professional-looking results on any project around your home.
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Fein cordless tools include the Multimaster system, which includes a wide variety of accessories. You can use the Multimaster for hobby, automotive, home repair and many other projects. Typical of this brand's dedication to quality, Fein power tool accessories feature 8-point accessory connections for durability and accuracy. Compact and powerful Fein vacuums fit in tight spaces to let you extract dust from any jobsite. Their easily replaceable filters and bags keep the air free of allergens and irritating particles. They reduce fire hazards and leave your area looking fantastic.

Fein power tools provide incredible power and speed for a broad range of applications. Sanders and grinders remove extraneous material to making your finished product smooth for easy handling and looking beautiful enough to display proudly in your home. Its drills are powerful enough to cut drill into wood, metal and more. Fein's core bits work faster and with greater efficiency since they only cut along their edge, which lets them remove more material with less effort. HVAC tools include nibblers that let you quickly cut through sheet metal for installing or removing ducts. Fun fact: this company invented the original nibbler and continues to innovate with such features as tool-free punch and die replacement, angle adjustment and easy turns in straight or corrugated metal.

Fein tools deliver outstanding convenience to help you finish your projects quickly. They protect their lithium-ion batteries and chargers, cordless tools and power tools with the three-year FEIN PLUS guarantee for your peace of mind and to add value to your investment. Add these high-quality tools to your collection and enjoy top-tier performance for years to come.
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